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Fertility Counselling Care

Mind & Body


The desire to have children is one of the most basic and fundamental desires. Unanticipated difficulties conceiving can have a negative impact on everything such as work, lifestyle, relationships, how we think and even the choices we make. Potential parents often find that by the time they are diagnosed with infertility and are initiating treatment they are consumed by an array of emotions and conflicting thoughts and beliefs.

Fertility Counselling Care offer An Integrative Mind & Body Approach to Your Fertility Health workshop which will benefit those who wish to reduce stress and increase wellbeing before, during and after fertility treatment. This is an integrative workshop which will provide Mind & Body approaches to complement and support you as you try for a baby. Couples and individuals are welcome to attend this small group setting where there is no pressure to share information or feelings if you don’t want to.

Please contact Fertility Counselling Care for upcoming dates and further information about our Integrative Mind & Body Approach to Your Fertility Health.