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Fertility Counselling Care

Specialist Fertility Counselling Care & Support

Fertility Counselling Care would like to ease the emotional stress of infertility for you. The desire and wish to have a child is deeply felt by individuals and couples. When the need to introduce fertility assistance becomes apparent this can change relationships and the path to parenthood and family creation.

Infertility is not only a medical condition but also a social and emotional condition. Infertility is as stressful as a diagnosis of a serious illness such as heart disease or cancer. The impact of infertility can be felt on every area of your life from the relationship with you partner, family & friends to your sex life and your job. As a result you may come to know a range of responses including, but not limited to, fearfulness, dread, rage, sadness, confusion, shame, resentment, numbness, hopelessness, despair, guilt, desperation and grief. Infertility can become and is often described as a crisis.

Taking steps to mind your emotional wellbeing is just as important as making physical changes to your body as you prepare to conceive.

Fertility Counselling Care will offer you the chance to explore, understand and respond to emotional needs arising from infertility and infertility treatment. Depending on your individual needs and treatment options, we can help by supporting you, your relationship and your desire to have a child.

Fertility Counselling Care extends across all areas of fertility and regularly offers support for;

  • Clients trying to conceive without success
  • Clients who are preparing as Intending Parents for Surrogacy
  • Clients who are preparing to act as a Surrogate
  • Clients who have received a fertility diagnosis
  • Clients who wish to explore their treatment options
  • Clients who are actively undergoing treatment
  • Clients who have had miscarriages or unsuccessful treatment outcomes
  • Clients who are considering third party reproduction assistance (egg / sperm donation, embryo donation, surrogacy)
  • Clients who require Implications Counselling
  • Clients who are deciding whether to continue with treatment or not
  • Clients who choose not to have children
  • Clients who want to learn ways to deal with other peoples pregnancies
  • Clients who want to develop & implement coping strategies
  • Clients who wish to support their relationships
  • Client who want to learn strategies for coping with stress

Such is the nature of counselling care, other issues or challenges outside of the fertility treatment context may arise. This is normal and the counselling care provided will be inclusive of these.

Whether you are trying naturally to conceive or receiving assistance in Ireland or abroad, Fertility Counselling Care welcomes a consultation with you.

A child within my mind, I see The eye, the hands. I see you also there, I see you waiting with an honest care, Within my mind, within my body……”
~ Elizabeth Jennings