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Fertility Counselling Care


Contacting a counselling care provider can be a new and daunting experience for individuals and couples. Starting “that” conversation can bring about mixed emotions and anticipatory fear for what is ahead. It is normal to feel this way. In order to make this as easy as possible for you, this is what you can expect after making initial contact with Fertility Counselling Care.

  • When your enquiry is received Fertility Counselling Care will call you to acknowledge receipt of your enquiry and we can arrange a suitable clinic location, date and time to speak further.
  • We offer one to one consultations, phone consultations and Skype consultations depending on your individual needs.
  • During the initial consultation we will collect as much information as possible in order to identify how we can best respond to your emotional wellbeing needs.
  • A recommendation will be made by your therapist at the end of the consultation.
  • The initial consultation can take up to an hour and every session thereafter is 50 mins.

Fertility Counselling Care look forward to speaking with you soon.